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QT4 version of gp2fasta

Here is gp2fasta with graphical user interface (GUI) written in Qt library (Trolltech). Basically it has the same properties as online version presented in main page. It should works on virtually any system (of course if QT4 library is installed). The application was tested by an author on OpenSuse 10.2, Kubuntu (Edgy Eft 6.10), Knoppix 5.1 and Windows XP. The application requires QT library (usually it was already installed during Linux system installation, but not on Windows systems) To compile write in terminal console window: qmake -project; qmake and make. After that you should receive executable file called like directory in which you compiled application. It should looks like one on below screens:

gp2fasta before

gp2fasta after   
Dowload free standalone gp2fasta application (compressed 36kB zip file)